The Best Wood for Smoking Ribs – A Comprehensive Guide

best wood for smoking ribs

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If you care about the aroma, flavor, and color of your smoked ribs, then you better pay attention to the type of wood you use when smoking. Different woods’ sweetness, smokiness, boldness, and intensity.

So, what is the best wood for smoking ribs? As always, it depends on the situation. The most popular types of bbq wood used are hickory, oak, apple, and cherry. Each of these offers a different flavor and characteristic. Hardwoods, in general, are smokier and more intense, while fruit woods offer a sweeter, lighter taste.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • Which one is the best wood for smoking ribs?
  • What are the differences between hardwood and fruitwood?
  • And more!

Which is the best wood for smoking ribs?

Using wood for a bbq smoker is not actually a mandatory thing, but in any case, I would strongly consider using them since it gives your ribs that extra umpf. A little extra flavor, smokiness, color, and aroma, to make your ribs just right, more appetizing, to make everyone go wow when they taste your juicy meat.

smoked ribs

Hardwoods and fruitwoods are by far the most popular choices when it comes to smoking ribs, and here’s why and how each affects the taste.

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Hardwoods such as hickory oak and mesquite have a strong, distinct flavor. In my opinion, hardwoods are the best wood for smoking pork ribs.

  • Hickory is a classic choice; it has a bold flavor, combined with the meat, a sweet and savory taste profile. This pairs well with pork, not just because of the taste but because pork is also fairly forgiving. I mention this because this type of wood for a bbq smoker has a strong smoke, and you can easily overdo it, making it bitter. Using Hickory will give the ribs a mahogany color.
  • Mesquite is similar to Hickory but with the intensity dialed to the max. As I told you earlier, Hickory could make your ribs bitter, so be extra careful with this one. In taste, it brings a more earthy flavor to the table. If you feel like your ribs lack depth and complexity, I recommend this one.
  • Oak is like a jack of all trades; you can’t go wrong with it. It is much more balanced and brings a mild to subtle smoky flavor, making it more friendly for beginners. This alone makes it a favorite for many bbq enthusiasts and also gives the meat a deep red, truly mouthwatering color.


Fruitwoods, in general, give the ribs a milder smokiness. Consider one of the following if that is your target. As the name suggests, these come from fruit trees and generally have a sweet profile. This can complement the natural sweetness of the ribs. Some say fruitwoods are the best wood for smoking beef ribs; in general, however, I tend to go with a mixture of wood types, but more on that later.

  • Let’s start with a classic, Applewood. This is a popular choice for a good reason. It’s simple, light, and tasty and brings a sweet fruity flavor to your ribs.
  • Cherry is a balanced type, very light, so you don’t have to worry about overpowering the flavors of your juicy ribs.
  • Peach is the lightest of these three, giving a subtle sweet taste.

General Tips

smoked ribs in sauce

When you want to get the best wood for smoking ribs, you cannot overlook the following techniques: combining different kinds of wood and soaking them in liquids beforehand.

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1. Woodblends

If you thought it couldn’t get more complex, then you were wrong. You can actually combine different types of woods, like a mix-and-match. Here are some combinations that complement each other really nicely. This way, you can make more complex and nuanced flavors.

A popular blend is Hickory and Apple. This combo gives a sweet and smoky flavor, while mesquite and oak offer a much bolder and more robust taste.

With the right combination of woods, you can balance the intensity of some woods by combining them with lighter softwood types. That’s why my first example was Hickory and Apple. Apple tames the intensity of hickory with its lightness and sweet taste, bringing it into balance. 

Blending woods will also create a more consistent smoke during the process. This is important for meats that require a longer smoking period.

2. Preparing wood for smoking

Another thing to take into consideration is preparing the wood so it’s just right. You can soak the wood in liquids like water, apple juice, wine, or beer to get different tastes.

soaking wood for smoking

Soaking the wood in beer will give it a unique flavor as it absorbs the liquid. You can influence the taste by choosing different types of beers, darker colored beers will give it a more intense taste. The length of the soak depends on the type of wood you are using.

The more traditional method would be soaking the wood in plain water. This won’t give the ribs any extra flavor but will help the wood to burn at a slow, steady pace. This is great for getting a consistent smoke level throughout the process.

Use wood that’s been seasoned, meaning it’s been drying for months or a year. This way, the wood is burning at a higher temperature, releasing less smoke. This can be helpful for wood types that are too smoky to begin with, and are more prone to over-smoke that leaves a bitter, unpleasant taste.

Add the right amount of wood, depending on how long to smoke the ribs. In general, a handful of chips for each hour of smoking. Don’t overdo it, as this as well can lead to over smoking. 


In conclusion, the importance of selecting the right wood for smoking ribs cannot be overlooked. The right wood plays an important role in achieving the perfect flavor. The most popular choices are hard and fruit woods. When it comes down to it, it’s personal preference which you choose. 

sliced smoked ribs

In general, if you want a stronger smoky flavor go with hardwoods, and for a more gentle, sweeter taste, fruits are the one to go with. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to impress your friends and family with your latest batch of ribs, smoked to perfection.


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